Thursday, December 10, 2009

Intro and Tamagoyaki/Ochazuke

I am making this blog in an attempt to chronicalize, my dealing cooking period. I may not always make it right but when I do I get the Husband seal of approval. I'm a Pescatarian just trying to make it through life one dish at a time.

Today I made Tamagoyaki which is basically fried egg. Usually you'll see them in O-Bento boxes for lunch or breakfast and also in Sushi. For this instead of following the recipe word for word I didn't put layers of egg. I just simply made little rolled up eggs on the wok and fried them until they were done. This is my preference of course and I think I'd like to spice it up by adding a tomato or something other veggie later. I put it on a bed of spinach. I got the original recipe from Makiko Itoh's webiste Just Hungry . The picture of it is above. For me the taste was too sweet. I know that it is suppose to be sweet but I'm still going to omit the sugar. Over all the reaction from my husband was top notch! He really enjoyed it and asked me when the next time I'd cook it. I told him tomorrow but then I got up really late so that went out the window. ^_^;;

No picture of the Ochazuke but I also got the recipe from Just Hungry. Pretty much it's a quick way to get dinner on the table. If you just got home after a very long day at work and you don't feel like cooking at all. Assuming you either have rice already made or you've got a rice cooker that cooks up to three cups you can make this in under 20 minutes. Cook some rice or re-heat it, while the rice is cooking or re-heating brew some green tea. Make as much as you want cause you can use the left over to drink as a digestive after the meal. Once both are done put some rice into a bowl add some toppings like arare (which can be found in any Asian Food Store.) The pour the green tea over the rice and enjoy! I made ours quickly since we were both hungry. I only had the rice and green tea. I didn't have any arare. So this time around it was rather bland. But over all it was filling and got the job done. We ate it at our little Kotatsu and in a way it had an almost nostalgic effect on us. Reminding us of the cold winter days in Northern Japan, where we watched the snow pile up on the porch of our apartment. We enjoyed a cup of hot tea to wash it all down. No desserts in this house!

I'm a Pescetarian for medical reasons so all the trials of my food will only showcase meatless meals (except for fish). All of these of course can be adapted to have meat in it.

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