Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ramen and Zucchini Miso

For the Ramen I went to Ramenlicious and got a Imperial Veggie Ramen recipe from them. I used Chuka Soba from Fry's or Kroger's depending on what part of the U.S. you are from. You can pretty much find it anywhere else. I've seen it in Safeway as well. Cook according to the directions on the package otherwise your noodles will be over cooked! Like mine! I for some reason was in an extreme rush and thought that cooking everything together would be a great idea. Needless to say it wasn't! I added some roast beef to my husband's bowl which is displayed here. It was okay. But next time I will cook the noodles last and then add the pour the broth on top. Make sure you use Dashi no moto you can buy it instead of making it like the recipe asks you to do, it's a lot easier.

Here yet again I used the Just Hungry Recipe! I love Maki's recipes! I always get good food out of them and so far I think I've been hitting the bull's eye just right. I cut my Zucchini differently from Maki. I wanted whole Zucchini so I just chopped it up. Make sure you peel it. For some reason I always forget right before I'm about to put everything into the pot.

Another FYI Dashi no moto is not Vegetarian or Vegan Friendly. So if you still want to make it on the link I posted Maki has a way you can make it Veggie friendly. Since I'm a Pescatarian I'm not overly worried about it.

It tastes almost ten times better the second time around after it's been sitting in your fridge over night! Trust me!

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