Friday, December 11, 2009

Omurice and Miso Soup.

I made Omurice last night in a hurry for dinner once again. I got so distracted playing videos games, that I lost complete track of time~! ^^;; Anyway I once again followed a Just Hungry recipe for Omurice which is an omelette with rice. I would want to call it a staple in Japanese cooking because you see it everywhere from Dramas, to Anime and even fast food places in the malls. Instead of cooking the egg fluffy I scambled it. This was my first attempt. Sadly I neglected what the recipe said to do with the eggs. But I think it still turned out great even though it is not covering the rice in the prefect fashion of other Omurice.

This time I followed what the recipe said but I changed it. I wanted to cook the egg quickly and the recipe says to leave the egg a little runny, but I was a little worried about the egg not being cooked all the way. So I folded it and fried it some more. Both came out great. Next time I would add extra things to the rice besides just onions and ketchup.

Here I made Miso soup. I followed Maki's recipe. I added Nori and onions to mine. (Don't use red onions they taste really weird in Miso.) The key to Miso soup is the Dashi no Moto. Make sure you've got that in there because that really makes the taste. I got mine at G&L Market here in Tucson and I found my Miso at the Sun Oriental Market. Mine is Korean but it works just the same and still creates the same great taste. Miso can be stored for a day or two at the most so if you make it make sure to eat/drink it quickly.

I yet again used a Just Hungry Recipe for my Onigiri. I didn't take any liberties with this one. I just followed it word for word. My only problem was my rice balls were kind of big so it was harder to shape the triangle. I stuffed some of mine with Albacore Tuna which my husband gladly takes to work with him. Over all it was a success but I think I need to use less rice to form the rice balls.

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